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At Hereford Physio we define physiotherapy as the treatment of differing conditions and disorders by physical means.

Physiotherapy may be by stretching, strengthening, re-education of movement patterns, manipulation, massage or by using electrotherapy (eg ultrasound or interferential). These types of physiotherapy are often used in combination to promote a return to normal function.

Before the method of treatment has been decided on the physiotherapist at Hereford Physio will complete a comprehensive physical examination. The physical assessment may take up to an hour. Once the assessment is complete the physiotherapist will explain your diagnosis to you. The physiotherapist may teach you a little about the mechanism of your injury / problem so that you can see the purpose of the physiotherapy exercises / treatment they will want to implement.

Our Physiotherapists are experts at understanding the complex biomechanics that can be extremely helpful in dealing with complex spine and neck problems they commonly encounter. Our physiotherapists will be able to give advice about the use of different types of supports and braces needed by some conditions. They will also be able to give you ergonomic advice for your work, home and sport.

Physiotherapy FAQs

Q. Is your clinic accredited?
A. Yes, all our physiotherapists are registered with the CSP and HPC.

Q. Do I need a referral from my doctor for physiotherapy treatment?
A. No, however some private medical insurance companies may require a referral by a medical practitioner to authorise reimbursement of treatment charges.

Q. Is the cost of physiotherapy covered by medical insurance?
A. Each policy is different; therefore, we would ask all patients to check with their insurer.

Q. How many treatments are required for my condition?
A. This question is almost impossible to answer without a physiotherapy assessment. There factors that can influence the number of treatments required is:
  • the severity of your injury
  • whether there are any secondary complications
  • whether it is an injury caused by trauma or whether it is a chronic problem
  • the type of tissue injured (muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, etc.)
  • the time between the initial onset and your first physiotherapy treatment
  • how much commitment you make to a home exercise programme
  • your long term goals; return to work or return to sport
These factors can influence how many sessions of physiotherapy you will require. Because no two injuries or people are the same the number of sessions you will require can be complicated to determine. After your first assessment your physiotherapist at Hereford Physio will be able to give you an estimate once they complete the initial assessment of your injury.

Q. Do I have to have a ‘sports injury’ to see a physiotherapist at Hereford Physio?
A. No. The physiotherapists at Hereford Physio are experienced at treating patients of all ages with all types of injuries. Physiotherapists at Hereford Physio have patients from as young as a few weeks to as mature as over 100 years old. The cause of the injury is really not important. Hereford Physiotherapy can help you get over your injury; whether you injured yourself playing sport or simply doing daily work, we can help.

Q. Is physiotherapy treatment appropriate for back and neck problems?
A. Yes, our physiotherapists are qualified to treat all spinal and neck problems.

Q. Can physiotherapists do manipulations?
A. Yes. All our physiotherapists have the appropriate postgraduate training and are qualified to manipulate.

Q. Will I be able to see a physiotherapist today?
A. Hereford physiotherapy can make you an immediate appointment for you to see a physiotherapist within 24 hours.

Q. How long does an assessment and a treatment session last?
A. The initial assessment will take up to 60 minutes, and will often include some treatment. The following treatment sessions all require a minimum of 30 minutes.

Q. Should I bring my X-rays with me?
A. Yes, if you have any X-rays or other relevant medical information please bring them with you.

Q. What should I wear for treatment?
A. Loose fitting exercise clothes are recommended. If you have a hip, knee, foot or lower back injury wear shorts. You can always bring appropriate clothing and get changed in our treatment rooms.

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