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About Hereford Physio

Hereford Physio is a physiotherapy clinic with a strong interest in sports medicine and injury rehabilitation. Hereford Physio have an experienced team of physiotherapists, sports rehabilitators and podiatrists. Our team will work together to help you achieve your peak physical condition. Hereford Physio apply this approach to all their patients; whether you want advice or treatment for a work related injury or are an elite athlete wanting to optimise your performance.

Hereford Physio are specialists in rehabilitation. If you have an injury or condition that has not resolved or you have been off work for a long time our physiotherapists can help.

Physiotherapists at Hereford Physio encourage their patients to take responsibility for their own health. This responsibility is especially important especially when looking at exercise, diet and stress management.

All Our physiotherapists at Hereford Physio are Chartered and registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC). Our physiotherapists are all governed by their professional code of conduct. Our physiotherapists are also covered by professional liability insurance.

Our physiotherapists all have a minimum of five years experience, of physiotherapy both in the NHS and Private practice. Our physiotherapists are helped by a team of excellent physiotherapy reception staff who will help you in any way possible.

Hereford Physio are committed to providing the highest standard of physiotherapy.

Our Services:
  • 40 minute physiotherapy assessments
  • Same day appointments
  • Home visits
  • Detailed assessment and diagnosis by experienced physiotherapists
  • Self referral
  • All major insurance companies covered - Bupa, AXAPPP, HSA
  • Wheelchair access
At Hereford Physiotherapy all treatment is based on finding from a detailed physiotherapy assessment. All our physiotherapists undertake a programme of continuing professional education both in-house and external courses. This allows are physiotherapists to maintain the high standards of physiotherapy treatment we set them. Hereford Physio have good communication with other health professionals and have excellent referral links between sports doctors, podiatrists, personal trainers, orthopaedic specialists and rheumatologists.

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